Terms & Conditions

Alankrita Services (R) will only undertake business in accordance with the Following terms and conditions and these terms and conditions supersede all. These terms are legally binding and accordingly please read them carefully before contracting Alankrita services®

Business working hours will be from Mon-Sat 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., weekly off on Sundays And STATE GOVT HOLIDAYS. For any Queries please feel free to call our representative Customer Support.8686667571.

Any of our executive comes to your residence or office, kindly look at his ID card & take his Business card before doing registration, if you have any clarification call our customer care.040-23872222

We will charge Rs. 500 as a service charge for first visit, by our executive's mode of payment through cash, and for second or third visiting charges are not applicable.

Candidate Salary Date will be on 10th of every month but counting date starts from 1st to 30th. Client is not suppose to pay advance to any candidate without Alankrita services notice. If the client is paying any advance ALANKRITASERVICES is not responsible.

For Regular candidates weekly off on Sundays, for live-in candidates monthly two days weekly off & Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, state govt holidays. If you want the candidate to work on holiday, you need to pay extra amount same day to candidate.

Once the company provides replacement to the client's place, the client has to release previous candidate worked days salary to ALANKRITASERVICES. The client is not suppose to pay salary to the candidate directly.

The company will provide 3 replacements in a year if required. (Minimum time required for the replacement 48 working Hours).

Once the candidate is joined, if the Client is not satisfied with the candidate provided by the company. The client has to wait till the replacement of the candidate (Maximum 48 working Hours).

One time registration fee has to pay at the time of registration, [Company charges] below 03 months no replacement for 06 months [01 replacement] and for 11 months as per the client requirement [provides 3 replacements]

After registration if the client is not happy with the services or want to drop in between within the period of thirty days client will get 50% of Refund. After 30 days it may be any reason no refund. Client has to send mail[aalankritaservices@gmail.com] only not through phone calls.

The client is requested to pay the salary of the candidate only on 10th of every month. In case client pays before10th after replacement the client as to pay 10 days salary from the pocket. [Otherwise no replacements].

After one month or more then if the candidate had worked, and if the client wants to discontinue with the service the client as to pay salary to the candidate. Not to send the candidate without salary to office it may be any reason. Because they are poor candidates, client always king.

Whom so ever name Registered, the same person as to call the company for any complaint from the same number and same mail id [if other number, mail or person calls are not acceptable]

If the client misbehaves with the candidate. The company has all the rights to take legal actions against the client.

If the candidate misbehaves with client, the company has all the rights to take legal action against the candidate.

The company has rights to change registration charges fee without prior intimation.Alankrita Services (R)

All disputes are subjected to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Jurisdiction only.

Once the candidate is joined, first month salary needs to pay to Alankrita Services not to the candidate directly.

Alankrita Service is not responsible for the carelessness of the client's valuable items i.e., personal belongings (gold, mobile, money, ATM cards keys etc).

End of the day before the candidate leave the premises please check for baggage's [bags, valets, Tiffin boxes etc. once you’re satisfied then you can send candidate.

Company registration charges below 6K will be only through cash, above 6K it can be through cash, cheque or online anything will do.

If client wants to continue with the same candidate, the client need to renew the contract with Alankrita Services after 11 months, without renewing the contract, the client continues the services. The company has all the rights to take legal action against the client as per company standards. The company is not responsible if anything goes wrong. After 11months.

If clients call on Saturday for replacement, Sunday will not be considered with 48 working hours.

Alankrita service has to provide 01 photo and ID Proof of Xerox to the client on the day of joining.

Live-in candidates for the first 2 months 10 days salary will be released to the company it will be released end of contract, candidate as to inform before 30days so that the company will be able to settle the account.

Please note:

Police verification will be done on request of the client. Charges should be borne by client only.

Alankrita services won't provide candidates below 19 yrs. or above 49 yrs.

In force of client the company may not be able to provide a reliable candidates on time, please follow company standards (maximum 48 working hrs.)

All the cheque/draft should be in favors of ALANKRITA SERVICES.

Online transfer:

ICICI Bank –OMR Branch [RTGS/NEFT/IFSC CODE: - ICIC0000601, A/C = 060105001002.

HDFC Bank (OMR Branch) {RTGS/NEFT IFSC: - HDFC0002047, A/C:- 20472020000012.